Nintendo Insider Leaks Switch 2 Remake of Forgotten Wii U Game

According to a new Nintendo rumor, a forgotten Wii U exclusive game is being brought forward to modernity with a remake on Nintendo Switch 2, the rumored Switch successor supposedly releasing this year. The rumor in question comes the way of Zippo, a well known Nintendo insider who has both proven reputable in the past and been off the mark as well. That said, this rumor seems far too random to be pulled from thin air.

According to the insider, a "full remake" is in the works for Xenoblade Chronicles X at Monolith Productions, the studio responsible for the series. Unfortunately, Zippo does not divulge much else about the project other than by noting it is one of "numerous titles" in development at the studio for the next Nintendo console. A reveal window is not disclosed nor a potential release window.

"I'm hearing from sources familiar with the situation that MonolithSoft is developing a full remake of their underrated Wii U title, Xenoblade Chronicles X. Released in 2015, this title came at a time where the Wii U was already unfortunately winding down after two consecutive years of poor sales, so many missed out on the game, including myself. From all accounts, the game is excellent, and is in actuality, the first Nintendo game in the modern day to go open world, even before Breath of the Wild. Monolith has numerous titles in development for Nintendo's next system, and this is just scratching the surface of that."

Of course, what is here should be taken with a grain of salt. Even if this information is accurate, it doesn't mean it will remain accurate over time. Things change in game development all the time, and projects are somewhat often canned before they are even announced.

At the moment of publishing, neither implicated party -- Nintendo and Monolith Productions -- have commented on this rumor and the speculation it has created.

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if it ends ujp true, it will be a great addition to the Switch 2 library


Idk but remember the weird version of Cod WaW that the wii had y'all !? Lol