Arcane Season 2 Trailer Teases Major New Character

Netflix has revealed the first teaser trailer for Arcane, which is the animated series based on the League of Legends video game. Following the release of Season 1 back in 2021, fans have patiently been waiting for Season 2 to drop. Sadly, Season 2's arrival is still many months away as it won't be hitting Netflix until November 2024. Prior to that time, though, the initial trailer for Arcane's upcoming slate of episodes may have confirmed a fan theory associated with one notable character.

By most accounts, there isn't a whole lot that can be gleaned from the first trailer for Arcane Season 2. The video only centers around two characters shrouded in the darkness. The first character is briefly shown to be Singed, who showed up in the first season of Arcane. The second is then completely in the dark, but can be made out to be Warwick. In League of Legends proper, Warwick is a werewolf-like beast that hails from Zaun. In short, briefly shows Singed as he looks to be in the process of creating Warwick and bringing him to life.

The reason why this teaser is important is because it seems to confirm the identity of Warwick. With Season 1 of Arcane, many fans theorized that Vander, the adoptive father of Jinx and Vi, would eventually become Warwick. These theories were based on a number of similarities between Vander and Warwick, some of which related to the latter's own in-game dialogue seen in League of Legends. Until now, Riot Games has never confirmed who Warwick was before becoming a monster. Assuming that this theory is indeed true, it means that Arcane Season 2 will see a huge character from Jinx and Vi's past coming back in a form that should lead to some major new conflicts.

As mentioned, Arcane Season 2 isn't set to release for quite a bit longer and won't hit Netflix until November 2024. Prior to that time, though, Riot and Netflix will surely continue to reveal more teasers of this type leading up to launch, so stay tuned.

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will be great to get more new characters fr


They have some pretty cool characters