Fortnite Fans Furious At Fishing "Downgrade"

Like any good game, Fortnite has fishing. There are certain spots on the map where you can cast a hook and whip up some edible fishies (or grey guns). Unsettlingly, you don't cook them, but they give you shields and health all the same. However, with a loot pool that has been cut down, many fans are growing disappointed with the mechanic.

"Why has fishing been made so much worse?" Ecquatic asked on the game's subreddit. "No more high-tier weapons. No more fish with cool abilities. Not even rusty cans! Just floppers and shield fish".

At the time of writing, the post has 2,200 upvotes as the community flocks to voice similar concerns. "It's a shame, such a nice mechanic that has been reduced to a sad state," Loomling commented. "I think removing the harpoon in Chapter 4: Season 1 was the biggest blow to the feature. Makes fishing far more tedious. And with all the nerfs, it isn't even worth doing anymore."

Fishing has taken such a downgrade
byu/Ecquatic inFortNiteBR

The loot pool is the biggest concern, as the items now simply give you health and shields which can be found in abundance elsewhere much more safely. Stopping to fish puts you in a risky position as opposed to darting through a house quickly and grabbing consumables from the floor or in chests. "There was never a point to fishing after [they got rid of the fish collection] unless you needed a quick heal," Cooler_coooool_boi said.

Others, however, miss the more competitive aspect of fishing, rather than its utility. "It made it funnier to fish when you could see what type of fish you caught and what size it was and have the leaderboards with your friends," IcyCartographer400 commented.

I really miss the fish collection, seeing as how you could get a good variety of fish across all biomes and them being different sizes to see if you could get a bigger fish than all your friends was pretty fun for me. Now that they disabled everything else that was left, I can't see the reason behind keeping the mechanic around if it's (mostly) no use anymore.

"I also always finished the collection," Kightsbridge replied. "Most of my battle royales were me fishing for 18 minutes and then using whatever I found in the last circle. It was fun."

We're just starting the year so maybe things will change as the season goes on, but for the time being, it's clear that players are disillusioned with fishing and itching for a more competitive scene to crop back up.

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it's always a great thing to be able to fish in a game


that's pretty sad, fishing was a great time & you could get some pretty decent loot... why?!


I didn't even know we could fish in this game, lol.


Fishing was a huge thing not it's like kinda bad and no point or it. Nobody does it it's never even for a challenge anymore either or quest


Let's be honest fortnite is a brilliant game