Someone Has Managed To Get Elden Ring Running On A 3DS

When a game comes out for a certain console that you don't own, it can be a little depressing knowing you have to fork out hundreds of dollars just to play it. Elden Ring might be widely available, but if you don't own a modern console or a high-end PC, then you're pretty much stuck. One Elden Ring fan didn't let that stop them from exploring The Lands Between though, as they somehow managed to rig up their 3DS to play the game.

First posted on the Elden Ring subreddit, user F*ckriotgames7 shared a video of themselves playing Elden Ring on an original 3DS, with the top screen displaying the gameplay and the bottom screen simply displaying the text "Touch screen to wake up". From what we can make out from the tiny screen, the user appears to be facing Morgott outside the Erdtree, meaning he's made it quite a way into the game on the handheld too.

Does anyone know why morgott was frozen here?
byu/Fuckriotgames7 inEldenring

That's pretty surprising given the overall quality of the game on the 3DS, with the frame rate chugging pretty hard at below 30fps, a resolution so bad that it reminds you the 3DS can only display at 240p, and the fact that they're using the absolutely atrocious 3DS joysticks to move their character around. Anyone who has experience with that useless little nub of a right stick knows that pain.

If you're understandably wondering how this person has managed to get Elden Ring running on vastly inferior hardware, they explain how they went about it to other equally baffled players in the replies. Unsurprisingly, they're not running the game on the system natively, as doing so would probably require a cartridge the size of a small house.

Instead, they've used a homebrew application called Pinbox that allows users to stream games, movies, and other forms of media from their Windows PC to the 3DS. Obviously, you still have quite a bit of work to do if you want to stream things like Elden Ring, and the player does admit that it took them "like 3 hours to get it working".

It's an impressive level of dedication to the game that you can only sit back and admire. It's not exactly the most comfortable way to play Elden Ring, especially when they have a Windows PC clearly capable of running it to a somewhat acceptable degree, but they wouldn't be a FroMSoftware fan if they weren't down for a bit of pointless self-torture from time to time.

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XBL-AB source on here is wrong lol
its a baldurs gate 3 article for elden ring???

the source link is wrong.

the article itself is right, because it's referring to someone on reddit reporting about a freeze whilst fighting a boss

Anyways, pinbox could be the problem why this is happening to him


source on here is wrong lol
its a baldurs gate 3 article for elden ring???


That has to play and look awful but still pretty cool lol