Fallout Creator Tim Cain Is Consulting On The Outer Worlds 2

Fallout creator Tim Cain has somewhat retired to focus on his YouTube channel, where he discusses his life in game development, and make smaller, solo projects. Before he stepped back, he directed The Outer Worlds, which was pitched as "Fallout meets Firefly", but many have been wondering how involved he will be in its sequel. As it turns out, he's a consultant.

"There's stuff they're trying to do in the sequel that of course I can't talk about, that I get pulled in on because it's similar to stuff I've done in the past," Cain said in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun. "I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but here are the pitfalls. Here are some of the huge, huge chasms that lie in your way that you're gonna have to wend around."

Cain isn't the only tie The Outer Worlds has to Fallout. Obsidian developed the spin-off New Vegas, heralded by many fans as the peak of the series, while the company itself is made up of former Black Isle Studios developers. AKA the team behind Fallout 2, the last isometric game in the series before Bethesda bought the rights and transformed it into a 3D shooter.

While Cain won't divulge any details about The Outer Worlds 2, he did share an anecdote about how he helped the team with his prior experience on the Fallout series. Obsidian ran into a problem during development, one that Cain also stumbled on when working on the original Fallout nearly three decades ago.

"I not only told him how impressed I was, I found my notes from 28 years before," Cain said. "Let me read you a few lines from a production meeting in July of '95..."

There is so much about being a game director that is not fun. And I get that some people hold onto it because they like power. But for me, I had so much fun making Pillars of Eternity, which Johs Sawyer conceived. I knew it was in good hands.

The Outer Worlds 2 was announced in early 2021, but no date was given for its release. We know Obsidian is busy with Avowed, its upcoming Xbox-exclusive Elder Scrolls-like RPG, so it could feasibly launch as soon as next year or even 2026.

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glad he's consulting on OW2, it will be good then :D


Hopefully it works out good for him


Should be a brilliant game