Terraria creator asks whether you’d prefer a new game or more updates

Terraria 1.4.5 is deep in development, and proposed to be the final update for one of the best-selling games of all time. But developer Re-Logic has named many past updates as its ‘final’ one, only to be tempted to return with additional ideas and features. Now, series creator Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks asks players whether they’d prefer a delayed but more substantial update, a faster one followed by future patches, or for the team to finally put their defining sandbox game to bed and move onto something new.

“Just curious,” the Terraria creator posts on social media platform X/Twitter, sharing a poll with three options: “Delay 1.4.5 to do better,” “Rush 1.4.5, make 1.4.5,” and “Finish and make new game.” The team recently showed off a new tool for its beloved sandbox game, the delightfully named Terraria Mitey-Titey, and it seems they’re still being tempted by new ideas as they continue to work on the update.

At the close of the poll, the “Delay 1.4.5 to do better” option was the clear winner with 67% of the vote, with “Finish and make new game” coming in second at 23%, and “Rush 1.4.5, make 1.4.6” earning just 9%. Redigit also adds a follow-up post saying, “Should have put 1.5 on the list. Upvote this or whatever idc.” That post now has nearly 6,000 likes itself, although it’s worth noting that it isn’t capped by the time restriction of the original poll.

Re-Logic is also in the process of working on Terraria crossplay, which it says is going well but shouldn’t be expected until after the arrival of 1.4.5 – providing it meets the approval of all the first-party platform holders such as Valve, Sony, and Microsoft. As the next update continues to grow in size, the team is clearly pondering whether it should wrap up on considering new additions and look to polish up what’s already there for launch, or continue to add even more features for a Labor of Love sized upgrade.

Back in November 2022, shortly after the launch of the massive 1.4.4 update, Re-Logic’s vice president Whitney ‘Cenx’ Spinks suggested that “Terraria 1.4.5 should be a rather small update,” saying that more substantial features “would be for a much larger update like 1.5… Which sounded fun but making a new game sounds a little bit better right now.” Of course, times change, and Re-Logic has shown many times that when it gets going on a project it can’t help but throw in ever-more fun additions.

Personally, I’m really interested to see what Re-Logic could do with a fresh start, so I’d be most excited by the prospect of a new game from that team, although I’d be happy to see 1.4.5 delayed if it means Re-Logic can make the update it truly wants. With that said, the allure of even more Terraria updates in the future is an incredibly tempting proposition, so I certainly wouldn’t say no to the idea of 1.5 if it’s what the team decided to make next.

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I really haven't played this game much, but more updates would be the smart decision!


more updates would be the smarter decision fr


Please no new game lol just continue the updates


Looks like Minecraft I don't like that either