Phantom Abyss Exits Early Access on January 25

Devolver Digital and Team WIBY’s Phantom Abyss launched for Steam in early access back in June of 2021, and in the time since then, the asynchronous multiplayer roguelike game has received widespread acclaim from its player base, especially with the developer continuing to improve and expand upon it. And about two and a half years on from its early access release, the game is ready for its full launch as well.

Team WIBY and Devolver Digital have announced that Phantom Abyss will be exiting early access later this month, on January 25. The roguelike title’s 1.0 version will bring an overhauled Adventure Mode, which will let players choose between multiple temples to explore, each coming with their own unique whips, relics, and challenges.

Classic Mode is also being overhauled. Now called Abyss Mode, it will task multiplayer players with entering a temple, clearing all of its challenges and obstacles, and collecting its relic, with only one player emerging victorious. Beyond that, the 1.0 version will also make some changes to how whips will work, with whip skills now being unlocked through player opt-in challenges, and whips themselves no longer carrying curses and now being unlocked through Adventure Mode.

Phantom Abyss is currently available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. There’s no concrete word yet on whether we can expect a PS5 version in the near future.

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good for them for doing so

well pleased fr


Always good to see a game leave early access and advance on