Silent Hill 2 Remake Will Launch in 2024, According to PlayStation

When Konami and Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2 will actually launch is a question we’ve been asking since the game was first revealed back in late 2022, and those questions have only grown louder in the absence of any updates on the game since its unveiling. It seems, however, that this might finally be the year where the remake releases.

PlayStation’s official YouTube channel recently uploaded a trailer that offers glimpses at a number of titles that are confirmed to be releasing for the platform in 2024, with the likes of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, Tekken 8, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and many others being featured.

Curiously enough, Silent Hill 2 also has a spot in the trailer (starting at around the 01:00 mark). Unlike most other games shown in the reel, the survival horror remake hasn’t actually been officially handed a 2024 release window by its publisher.

Similarly, fellow Konami remake Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater – which is also currently without an official launch window – will also be coming out in 2024, as per the trailer.

Developer Bloober Team has mentioned a couple of times since Silent Hill 2’s announcement that the project is in the final stages of development, including as far back as October 2022, so one would think a 2024 release would be quite likely.

Back in November, speaking about the lack of communication regarding the game, Bloober Team said revealing new details and offering updates on launch was Konami’s responsibility as the publisher. Later, the developer said the project was proceeding as per schedule, while Silent Hill series lead producer at Konami, Motoi Okamoto, recently spoke about wanting to build up the horror franchises with new game releases in 2024.

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