Double Fine Productions Teases “Cool Things in Store”

Back in 2021, Double Fine Productions delivered what may very well be the best game in the studio’s history with the incredible Psychonauts 2, and though it has been a while since the developer’s last release, it seems it’s beginning to drop teases for what the future might hold.

Taking to Twitter, Double Fine recently teased “cool things in store” that it says it will “share when we’re ready”. Along with those nebulous “cool things”, the studio is also making plans for its upcoming 25th anniversary – which is coming up in July – which means there is, in Double Fine’s words, “tons of fun on the way.” The official Xbox account responded to the studio’s tweet with the good old googly eyes emoji.

What exactly the developer has been cooking up in the time since Psychonauts 2’s release is anyone’s guess, though Double Fine boss Tim Schafer previously confirmed that the studio wasn’t working on another Psychonauts sequel, and was instead turning its attention to smaller projects.

Recent leaks have claimed that Double Fine Productions’ next game will be revealed (and possibly shadow dropped) at an alleged upcoming Xbox Developer Direct, so there’s a chance we get a clearer picture of what the future has in store for the studio not long from now. Stay tuned for any and all updates in the coming weeks.

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Runts Never ever hear of these guys

last game they was Psychonauts 2 back in 2021

glad they're making a comeback

can't wait to see what game(s) they will be releasing


Never ever hear of these guys