Diablo 4 Players Slayed 1 Trillion Monsters Last Year

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 4 had several ups and downs since launching in June 2023. It became the developer’s fastest-selling game of all time shortly after launch but fumbled with its first pre-season patch. Things have improved steadily with Season of Blood, but regardless, players of the action RPG looter have been busy this year.

In a new tweet, the developer revealed over one trillion monsters slain in-game last year. Sorcerer and Necromancer turned out to be the most popular classes, while 37 million players died by The Butcher. In Hardcore Mode, essentially permadeath, 2.4 million players met their demise.

There’s more to come for Diablo 4, with Season 3 slated to begin around the end of this month. The first paid expansion, Vessel of Hatred, is also coming later this year, with the first details set for Summer 2024.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/diablo-4-players-slayed-1-trillion-monsters-last-year


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Dayum son that's a whole lot of monsters


would've thought the slaying was more than that


That's insane but then again tons and tons of players were on