The Outer Worlds 2 Gets a Promising Update from Fallout Creator

Obsidian's The Outer Worlds 2 has received a promising update from Fallout creator Tim Cain. With the original The Outer Worlds, Cain served as one of the RPG's co-directors alongside Leonard Boyarsky, who also helped create the first Fallout game. In the time since The Outer Worlds launched, though, Cain has stepped away from Obsidian and is now working on his own projects by himself. Fortunately, for those who might be concerned about his lack of involvement with The Outer Worlds 2, Cain has now confirmed that he still is helping to guide the upcoming game.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Cain confirmed that he's still assisting with the development of The Outer Worlds 2 in the form of a consultant. Cain said that he primarily plays through the portions of the game that those within Obsidian have created and then provides feedback on how to best move forward. While he provides this criticism and direction, though, Cain praised that many within Obsidian have been able to figure out problems that he's been attempting to crack since his days of working on the original Fallout.

"There's stuff they're trying to do in the sequel, that of course I can't talk about, that I get pulled in on because it's similar to stuff I've done in the past," Cain said of his part with The Outer Worlds 2. "Sometimes it's just me saying, 'I'm not gonna tell you what to do, but here are the pitfalls. Here are some of the huge, huge chasms that lie in your way, that you're gonna have to wend around.'"

Currently, Obsidian and Xbox haven't shared any new information on The Outer Worlds 2 in over two years. The sequel was first revealed back in 2021 during Xbox's summer showcase. One reason why news on the project has likely been sparse is because Obsidian is also working on Avowed, which is another first-person RPG that's in the works. Based on what we know right now, Avowed is on track to release this year, which means that The Outer Worlds 2 will likely be Obsidian's next big focus after it launches this new Pillars of Eternity title.

Regardless of when The Outer Worlds 2 arrives, it is known that the game will only be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC. While the original The Outer Worlds also launched on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Obsidian has since become acquired by Microsoft, which is what has led to the sequel's newfound exclusivity.

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great they spending their time on this making sure they have interesting stuff in the game

just hope it's worth the wait, it's due release sometime in 2026, so fingers crossed for a great game lmao


Runts Fallout is so crap to me idk why it's so loved

This has nothing to do with fallout


Fallout is so crap to me idk why it's so loved