New Xbox Event Rumored to Take Place in Early 2024

A new rumor has suggested that Microsoft is gearing up to hold a new Xbox event in the early part of 2024. Last year, Xbox kicked off 2023 with a bang when it debuted its new Developer Direct event series. This showcase was notably headlined by the reveal and simultaneous release of Hi-Fi Rush, which went on to be one of Xbox's biggest games of the past year. Now, to start 2024, it sounds like those at Xbox could be looking to pull off a similar feat with another shadow-dropped title.

According to YouTuber eXtas1s, Microsoft is planning to hold its first Xbox Developer Direct broadcast at some point in the coming weeks. During this event, Xbox is said to highlight upcoming games that include Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 and Towerborne, to name a few. Additionally, and perhaps most prominently, developer Double Fine is also claimed to be showing off its newest game during this event as well. Similar to Hi-Fi Rush, Double Fine will then also look to then release this game very quickly after its reveal. The rumor in question states that this title could launch the same day as the Developer Direct stream, or it could arrive at some point in the days or weeks after the showcase.

Given that this is a rumor, it's important to take everything that has been outlined here with a grain of salt for the time being. On paper, it would make a lot of sense for Xbox to hold a Developer Direct presentation this month, especially given how well this strategy worked out to begin 2023. That being said, the source at the center of this rumor is a bit nebulous. As a result, don't believe this to be completely truthful just yet until we learn more from Xbox itself.

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rumor or not, they need to release better games on their console ffs


Can they for the love of god just release a good exclusive ???!