Silent Hill Lead Producer Wants to build up the series in 2024

While 2022 ended with Konami announcing several new projects for Silent Hill, 2023 passed without much muster (not counting the Silent Hill: Ascension TV series). That could change in 2024, based on a statement to Famitsu by series lead producer Motoi Okamoto.

Asked by the Japanese publication about his 2024 ambitions (translation via DeepL), Okamoto said, “We will continue to build up the ‘Silent Hill‘ series, both in games and otherwise: we have been delivering the TV drama-style interactive streaming ‘Silent Hill: Ascension‘ since November 2023, and in 2024, we will finally be able to build up the series with games.”

Interestingly, he mentions delivering new details for players. “First, we would like to bring you a new follow-up report. Fans, please wait a little longer.” It could mean a new Silent Hill Transmission showcase, though Okamoto asking fans to wait could mean it airs sometime in the coming months.

While Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2 is “progressing smoothly” and per the developer’s schedule, we could see other titles like NoCode’s Silent Hill: Townfall arrive later this year. Perhaps new details on NeoBard Entertainment’s Silent Hill f will also be announced. Of course, with Konami recruiting developers last year for “large-scale” Silent Hill projects, it wouldn’t be strange to see some new titles announced. As always, stay tuned for more details and updates.

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a good horror game series like Silent Hill is always a must


It's something of the past I don't think it'll do that well now days kids and people are soft and parents won't let kids in these games lol