Starfield’s Recent Steam User Reviews Drop to “Mostly Negative”

When a game sees unwanted changes or is the target of backlash, it’s not odd to see its user reviews turn negative. However, with Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield, its Steam user reviews have been slowly plummeting since its launch.

Out of its 7,540 recent reviews, only 28 percent are positive, resulting in a “Mostly Negative” reaction. Only 64 percent of all user reviews are positive, with a “Mixed” response overall. Its player numbers are equally worrisome at a 24-hour peak of 14,900 concurrent players compared to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition at 29,092 and Fallout 4 at 20,679.

Starfield’s ranking below its predecessors in peak concurrent players has been a concern since November. The recent influx of negative reviews could be due to the controversial responses from Bethesda Customer Support, but many have also complained about the world design, loading screens and writing.

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such a let down after all the big hype LMAO


Yeah that isn't surprising at all lol