Days Gone Developer Says it’s “Cooking” with New IP

It’s been a while since we heard anything from Sony’s Bend Studio, perhaps best known for Days Gone. The open-world survival title has sold 7.3 million units as of fiscal year 2020, but its pitch for a sequel was rejected. Since then, the developer has been working on something new that it can’t “wait to show.”

While an announcement or reveal hasn’t been planned, the developer did respond to a tweet asking about its new IP with, “We cooking.” It’s not much, but a positive sign that development is going well (or ongoing, if nothing else).

Not much is known about the new IP aside from it building on the open-world systems from Days Gone. It will take place in a new world, which the team was “extremely excited to craft,” and includes multiplayer. Bend Studio will reveal it when “the time is right”, and maybe 2024 is the year. Time will tell, so stay tuned.

Days Gone is available for PS4 and PC. Check out our reviews of the former and the latter.

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keep on cooking that IP fr


Just hope the new game is much better. Days gone is just the same thing over and over really