Valve ends all support for CSGO

Counter-Strike 2 is now well and truly taking over CSGO, as the date Valve promised to end support for the iconic FPS game has finally rolled around. You can still play a legacy version of CSGO, but as of 2024 Valve will stop focusing on support for the game, which was replaced with CS2 on Steam last year.

January 1, 2024. This is the date that Valve officially let go of CSGO in favor of Counter-Strike 2. While it’s not been a bed of roses for CS2 between the dropping player numbers, disliked changes, and complete erasure of CSGO from the front of Steam, Valve is now pivoting entirely to the game instead of also supporting CSGO, even if you can still technically play the old FPS game.

While you can still play the legacy version of CSGO on Steam, we learned last year that 2024 marks the end of support for the game. “If you are unable to launch Counter-Strike 2 with your current hardware, you can access a legacy version of CSGO,” Valve wrote. “Support for this version of CSGO will end on January 1, 2024.”

Yes, you can still play CSGO over Counter-Strike 2 if you want to, but as Valve already says, “the game will still be available, but certain functionality that relies on compatibility with the Game Coordinator (e.g., access to inventory) may degrade and/or fail.” So don’t expect repairs to any CSGO functionality going forward, with Valve instead turning focus on Counter-Strike 2.

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we will cherish the memories fr


Rest in peace CSGO, you will be missed.


Oh wow didn't think it would be that quick. There def. Ready to move on lol