Dave the Diver Has Sold Over 3 Million Units

2023 was dominated by a bevy of AAA megatons raking in the plaudits, but there was no shortage of smaller games getting their fair share of the spotlight either. One in particular that captured quite a few hearts was Mintrocket’s fishing adventure game Dave the Diver, which has been enjoying commercial success to match its critical acclaim.

Taking to Twitter, Mintrocket recently announced that Dave the Diver has now sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Seeing as the game has only been out for less than six months, that’s quite an impressive accomplishment. The fact that it has received a few content updates following its release is also likely to have contributed to its success.

Back in July, the game was confirmed the have sold over 1 million units.

Dave the Diver launched for PC back in June, which was followed by a Nintendo Switch release in October. There’s been no official word yet on when we can expect the game to come to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: https://gamingbolt.com/dave-the-diver-has-sold-over-3-million-units


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congrats to them for selling that amount


Some nice numbers for a small indie game !