New Bendy Game Confirmed to Release in 2024

A new game in the hugely popular Bendy series has been confirmed to launch in 2024. At the end of October 2023, developer and publisher Joey Drew Studios shared a teaser trailer for Bendy: The Cage. This new installment in the Bendy series came with very few details at first and was said to simply be the fourth game in the franchise. Now, to coincide with the start of the new year, Joey Drew Studios has shared a few new bits of information, most importantly tied to the title's launch window.

Outlined on Steam, a new listing for Bendy: The Cage has now appeared. This store page for The Cage confirms that the next Bendy game is expected to launch before 2024 comes to an end. Additionally, the title will take place at the same time as Bendy and the Dark Revival, which is the most recent entry in the series. Other than this, a few new screenshots of Bendy: The Cage have been shown that further give fans an idea of the title's gameplay stylings.

"Bendy: The Cage is a first-person psychological horror game that takes place during the events of Bendy and the Dark Revival," says the brief description of the game on Steam. "Bendy: The Cage is the fearful story of Henry and his escape from the Keeper prison known as 'The Pit.' The darkest souls have been banished to this deep hellscape of metal and blood. Survival will require you to fight the madness, before it devours you whole."

By all accounts, 2024 could be the biggest year ever for the Bendy series. Not only is it now known that Bendy: The Cage will arrive this year, but Joey Drew Studios has also announced within the past week that it's working on a Bendy movie. Details of this film adaptation are very slim for the time being, though it is known that Joey Drew Studios is working with Radar Pictures to create the movie. With so much happening that's associated with Bendy at once, there's a good chance that we'll hear more about all of these projects at some point in the coming weeks and months.

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oh yes, I love psychological horror games :lipbite:


Why can't we get a good release ?? Always some random trash asl game title lol