Monster Hunter World on PC Gets Highest Concurrent Players in 3 Years

Just a few weeks after the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds, Monster Hunter World has been seeing quite a resurgence. The game hit a new concurrent players peak of 138,148 players according to SteamDB. For the sake of reference, this is the highest number of players the game has seen since July 2020, when it saw 144,376 concurrent players.

The new peak player count comes in as recently as January 2, with the game’s playerbase having gradually risen throughout the month of December. SteamDB’s charts indicate that the upward trend in concurrent players for Monster Hunter World began early in December—likely coinciding with the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds—and has steadily grown since then.

Along with the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds, the rising concurrent player count can also be attributed to the fact that Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion have been available at deeply-discounted prices throughout December. Capcom itself has also been encouraging players to return to the game with its series of Return to World blog posts and videos, offering gameplay tips for new and returning hunters.

Monster Hunter Wilds doesn’t yet have a release date aside from a 2025 window. Monster Hunter World and Iceborne are available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also playable on current-gen consoles through backwards compatibility.

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probably because they have nothing else worth while playing LMAO


People must just be discovering it or a expansion set it off