The Finals’ studio deploys first big ban wave for the FPS

Developer Embark Studios has deployed the first big ban wave on its free-to-play shooter The Finals, but some non-cheating players appear to have been affected too.

The Finals was released earlier this month (December 8), and while the game was showered with praise for its destructible levels and variety of tactical options, reports of rampant cheating somewhat dampened the successful launch. Now, in an effort to soothe these complaints, Embark Studios employed an overnight ban wave.

Journalist Tom Warren shared the news on the website formerly known as Twitter: “Looks like it has hit a lot of folks who don’t cheat, including a number of Twitch streamers.” That spot was corroborated by streamer PRX Jinggg who shared the notification screen (embedded below) that reads: “Due to certain behavior that is against our Code of Conduct, your account has been banned.” Many similar posts also cropped up on Twitter over the last day.

Twitter user Viscose shared a gameplay clip from The Finals, which included top-down footage of their mouse movements, seemingly to prove that no cheating had occurred. Viscose’s ban was reversed a few hours later, meaning at least some bans were falsely issued. Though it’s encouraging news that Embark Studios is already working to retract some false bans.

The Finals has otherwise enjoyed a successful launch month, with the shooter reaching 10 million players after only 15 days on the market. Players have also been experimenting with fun, creative builds as one genius crafted a cheater-killing machine by popping a turret into a plant pot.

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they certainly seem to be doing blind bans on a lot of players


Yeah seem a lot of cheaters on it sadly