Diablo 4 Reveals Its 2 Most Popular Classes

Diablo 4 recently revealed that the Sorcerer and Necromancer are the two most popular classes played in the ARPG. This was just one of several fun statistics Diablo 4 revealed to close out the year.

Since its launch in early June 2023, Diablo 4 has grown to be one of the most successful action RPGs in history. It received several nominations at The Game Awards, has had a consistent playerbase since its release, and is coming out with Vessel of Hatred, the first expansion pack for Diablo 4, sometime in 2024.

Just before the turn of the new year, Diablo 4 shared some fun statistics about the first half-year of the game’s live service. Players have slain over one trillion monsters, The Butcher has killed 37 million characters, and 2.4 million players have died in Hardcore mode. However, one of the most interesting statistics Diablo 4 shared is the fact that Sorcerer and Necromancer are the most popular classes players pick to battle across Sanctuary.

What are the Most Popular Classes in Diablo 4?

These classes being the most popular ones in Diablo 4 is not too surprising. Beyond their awesome aesthetic, the enigmatic Necromancer can field an army of undead minions, giving them a truly unique playstyle that provides impressive survivability, both of which make solo play much easier. The iconic Sorcerer, on the other hand, has fantastic utility, mobility, and raw destructive power, making them a popular pick as well. Though the Rogue is often considered the strongest class, the Sorcerer and Necromancer are almost always near the top of most Diablo 4 tier lists.

Fans often get a kick out of these statistics whenever Blizzard shares them. The comments on the Twitter post were full of players admitting to their own deaths in Hardcore or by the Butcher’s cleaver, expressing surprise that Sorcerer and Necromancer were the most popular, or declaring their own favorite classes. These figures certainly show how dangerous the world of Sanctuary is for both monsters and players alike.

2024 may see Sorcerer or Necromancer unseated as the most popular classes in Diablo 4, however. Vessel of Hatred is introducing a new class never seen in Diablo 4 before. While players can only speculate as to what it could possibly be, fans will most certainly flock to the new class once it is released. Only time will tell if this mysterious new option will become more popular than the Sorcerer or Necromancer.

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more people are still playing 3 than 4


Diablo 4 is ass. Diablo 3 is still infinitely better.


4 looks really good. And this isn't surprising