Destiny 2’s Throwing Hammer Titan Ability Seemingly Has a Major Issue

Destiny 2 players notice strange tracking issues when using throwable items like the Titan's Throwing Hammer, which appears to suddenly warp around enemies entirely. Bugs and other glitches can be fairly common with live-service style games due to how often these titles are updated or changed through new content. Destiny 2 has had plenty of unexpected issues crop up over its 6 plus years of being available, ranging from game breaking to some more humorous visual glitches that add a bit of humor to the experience.

Bungie continues to keep the game updated, though some issues have proven to be a bit tougher to resolve than expected. In fact, one particular problem with the Restoration buff for Solar subclasses has been broken for quite some time, resulting in a number of popular builds being less effective than they should be normally. Thankfully, a fix is on the horizon as Bungie recently addressed the Restoration problem in Destiny 2, indicating that it was preparing a solution to launch alongside The Final Shape, but it is now moving it up to a mid-season update considering the expansion's delay. However, it appears that there is another frustrating issue plaguing Solar titans.

In a new post on the Destiny 2 subreddit, a user named nathanissleeping highlighted a curious tracking issue with the Sunbreaker Titan's Throwing Hammer ability. In a short clip, the player throws the solar hammer at a simple Vex enemy who is not moving and is directly in their line of sight. After throwing the hammer, it appears to curve to the right of the enemy almost like it attempted to avoid striking the Vex entirely. The user admitted to assuming it was their bad aim, but quickly realized that something else was going on with the game, resulting in a a broken tracking mechanic rather than poor aim.

throwing hammer tracking is bugged
byu/nathanissleeping indestiny2

While reports have come from hammer Titans, considering how easy it is to see, the tracking issues apparently extend into other activities and mechanics including the current Corrupted Nightfall activity, which has players throwing energy orbs at the boss. As some players have indicated, the orbs are not tracking Sedia's location, resulting in more misses after The Dawning event started. Warlocks using Celestial Fire are also seeing the fire bolts miss targets, and there have been a few Hunters noting that throwing knives appear to now weave between enemies.

byu/nathanissleeping from discussion

Many fans have seemingly linked the current tracking issues to The Dawning event in Destiny 2, as players noted that a lot of these issues seemingly became a lot worse once the winter event arrived. As part of that, players could form snowballs, which applied a freezing and slowing effect to enemies hit by them. However, the mechanic was seemingly broken at the start of The Dawning event, with the purchased upgrades not being automatically applied once the perk is unlocked. The issue was eventually fixed, but it appears that the tracking has continued to remain an issue.

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geez, that throwing tracking was bad fr


They've been having a rough time lately it seems