World of Warcraft Adds Vendor With Ridiculously Expensive Wares

With 2024 now underway, Blizzard sneakily added a vendor in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight that will offer some goods to players who have excessive amounts of gold to spend. World of Warcraft players can purchase a Golden Regal Scarab mount and some cosmetic weapons and armor from a new vendor in Valdrakken for a limited time.

The addition of this new vendor came in the lead-up to Patch 10.2.5, Seeds of Renewal, which is slated to release later in January. While the patch is considered a "minor update" to World of Warcraft, Seeds of Renewal will see the Worgen retake Gilneas, the epilogue to the Dragonflight expansion, and some other stories will serve as a way to bridge the gap between Dragonflight and the upcoming expansion, The War Within. While no definitive release date for Seeds of Renewal was given at the time of writing, that has not stopped Blizzard from surprising players with some new content in the meantime.

However, the wares of this new vendor in World of Warcraft may be out of the reach of some players. For the price of 1.2 million gold, players can purchase the Golden Regal Scarab from Ms. Xiulan, the assistant to Black Market Auction House leader Madame Goya, in Valdrakken. By taking the stairs underneath the main hub of the city, players will find a small cave in which Madame Goya and Ms. Xiulan conduct their business in the Dragon Isles. However, players will need to take part in World of Warcraft's competitive economy to save up gold before Ms. Xiulan closes shop at the end of August 2024. After that, all of her wares will be available periodically at the Black Market Auction House.

Ms. Xiulan's Wares in World of Warcraft (Available Until August 31, 2024)
Gold Resonating Crystal (1,200,000 Gold)
Arsenal: Whispering Temple Blades (200,000 Gold)
Gilded Scarab Bulwark (100,000 Gold)
Gold-Plated Witchhunter's Carbine (100,000 Gold)
Maurauder King's Body Carver (100,000 Gold)
Gilded Crown Splitter (90,000 Gold)
Royal Witch Doctor's Guard (80,000 Gold)
Royal Witch Doctor's Trophies (80,000 Gold)
Wrathful Crusader's Helm (75,000 Gold)
Regal Gryphon Rider's Headgear (75,000 Gold)

Among the other pricier wares Ms. Xiulan sells are the Whispering Temple Blades, which are a cosmetic set of one-handed swords that look like an upscaled version of Quel'serrar, a weapon from World of Warcraft's Classic era. In total, players would need to spend a staggering 2.1 million gold to purchase one of each of Ms. Xiulan's items. But, players on social media met this new "gold sink" vendor with dubious reactions. Some WoW players pointed out that some of the golden-colored cosmetic items such as the Scarab Bulwark and Witchhunter's Carbine can be found in bronze tints at the January 2024 Trading Post for Trader's Tenders instead.

Though the new vendor may not hit the mark, a busy 2024 in World of Warcraft awaits players across all versions of the game. Only time will tell if Blizzard will make changes to Ms. Xiulan's items via player feedback.

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still can't believe this game has been going strong for about 20 years now,
and the prices for in game content is just crazy


Love how they still update and add to this game. Still never played it but I will some day. Basically SWTOR just mages and dwarfs and stuff