Street Fighter 6 Gives New Look at DLC Character Akuma

Capcom has given fans of Street Fighter 6 a new look at the DLC character Akuma and his new look when he is added to the fighting game. Capcom's Street Fighter 6 has become one of the most popular fighting games released in 2023 ever since its launch in June. The publisher has been supporting the recent fighting game with plenty of post-launch support, with the game already getting its first season pass of DLC characters. This season pass adds four additional characters, which include one new character and three returning veterans.

A.K.I. is the first new character introduced in Street Fighter 6's season pass, while Rashid, Ed, and Akuma are all familiar faces to longtime fans. Rashid was first added to Street Fighter 6 in July while A.K.I. was added in September. Based on the release schedule, Ed is slated to be the third Street Fighter 6 DLC character, while Akuma is the fourth, with the two characters currently scheduled for Winter 2024 and Spring 2024 respectively. In celebration of the new year, Capcom gave fans a first look at Akuma's new outfit for when he arrives in Street Fighter 6.

While fans got a brief look at the DLC character's art in a previous trailer, this new render that Capcom released on Twitter showed off what Akuma will look like in Street Fighter 6's engine. Akuma appropriately looks fierce, with the red background and symbols behind him being a nod to Akuma's iconic finishing move, the Raging Demon. Moreover, Akuma's appearance is suitably more beastlike and wild, wearing a pelt around his waist and neck while having stark white hair as opposed to his typical red locks.

Many were excited to see the classic Street Fighter antagonist again, even if his addition to the game is still at least a few months off. Many complimented Akuma's new design, some considering it an upgrade over the lion's mane look he had in Street Fighter 5, with his new hair being a better indicator of its lion motifs. Others were hoping to get information on Ed, since he is the DLC character to be added before Akuma.

In terms of what to expect for Akuma's gameplay in Street Fighter 6, the character has traditionally been a glass cannon fighter, having a high-risk and high-reward offensive style of play. He also has the same moves as other Shotclone characters in Street Fighter 6 (e.g. Ryu and Ken), being able to use attacks like the Shoryuken and Hadouken, but having fewer defensive options than the aforementioned fighters. Players will also likely be able to learn his moves for their customizable avatar character in both the single player World Tour mode and online multiplayer matches.

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very impressive on the new look

ill be great to play this character fr


I'm not a huge fan of characters from this game