Fortnite Reportedly Getting an Avatar Crossover

Fortnite is reportedly getting a crossover with James Cameron's Avatar and Devil May Cry. Fortnite is one of the biggest video games in the world and has essentially moved beyond just a battle royale. The game is absolutely massive and encompasses so many different parts of gaming, essentially becoming a social hub. What began as a tower defense game and evolved into a battle royale game has evolved into something much larger. There are countless crossovers on a regular basis from Star Wars to Marvel to DC and many other major properties. Fortnite has also recently expanded to include new game types like LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and Rocket Racing, making sure there's something for everyone.

One of the next big additions to Fortnite is reportedly the inclusion of Jake Sully from Avatar and charcaters from Devil May Cry. It's expected these characters will arrive in the next season of Fortnite, which may not be for another few months. The rumor comes way of the XboxEra Podcast where Shpeshal_Nick revealed he got a DM from a source that stated these two crossovers would be happening in the future and that there's even a loading screen in Fortnite that teases the Devil May Cry crossover. As for the Avatar one, he noted that Jake Sully is the only character he knows of coming as part of that event. The host did note that he does question how this would even work, as Na'vi are incredibly tall and would be significantly larger than other characters in Fortnite, possibly making for a larger hitbox that could lead to players using that skin dying easier.

It's possible Epic Games would just downsize Jake Sully a bit to be more fair, especially since we have seen Transformers in the game and they're not necessarily to scale. Either way, it sounds like this is something we can expect in the next season. Of course, anything can change and this is just a rumor, but Nick has a pretty solid track record, so we can say this has a degree of credibility.

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this will be absolutely fun fr


Yeah it's been leaked pretty much already. And as Johnny says last air bender one would be better than the blue people lol


Really was hoping for an Avatar the last air bender one