X, Formerly Twitter, Is Working on Streaming Support for Consoles

X, formerly known as Twitter, is working to bring live streaming support to consoles. Live streaming is one of the most accessible forms of entertainment nowadays. Virtually every social media app has a way to live stream at this point from TikTok to Instagram, most people on those apps just stream their regular lives but platforms like Twitch and YouTube allow for much more elaborate streams. People stream video games, host game shows, talk shows, and much more. Even LeBron James is enterting the world of streaming with Madden streams in the near future, joining celebrities like Snoop Dogg in the world of streaming.

Now, X (AKA Twitter) is looking into allowing streaming for video games on consoles. As of right now, you can only stream to Twitch and YouTube from a console, so being able to stream to Twitter would be a pretty impressive move. However, this may cause some controversy as Twitter has already caused a lot of annoyances for console owners. Before Elon Musk took over the platform, players could freely upload screenshots and game clips to Twitter with ease. It made it easy to share your highlights with your friends on social media. Now, due to changes with Twitter's infrastructure, you can no longer upload clips from Xbox or PlayStation to Twitter. Users can already stream directly to X/Twitter through their PC, but it's not possible on console. With that said, Elon Musk was asked directly about making that change and he confirmed that they're already working on a way to stream to X through a console.

As of right now, we have no idea when this will happen. It's also possible that the platform holders end up rejecting this given advertisers are pulling out of Twitter due to the lack of content moderation. However, if it does happen, maybe we'll see a return to being able to upload clips and screenshots to Twitter. Only time will tell, but hopefully we'll hear more about these features in 2024. It also remains unclear if these features would be paywalled for X Premium users.

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Source: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/x-twitter-console-streaming/


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Would be brilliant on consoles


would be a cool feature on the consoles fr


He's trying to go in a direction social media hasn't gone yet


This could be really interesting