GTA 5 Actor Ned Luke Swatted For The Second Time In 2 Months

Ned Luke, the actor best known for portraying Micheal de Danta in Grand Theft Auto 5, has been swatted for the second time in two months while livestreaming his playthrough of GTA 5.

Over the past few months, Ned Luke, the man behind one of GTA 5's protagonists, has been getting even more involved with the Grand Theft Auto community than he already was, including taking part in interviews about the game, reacting to the GTA 6 reveal trailer, and even livestreaming his playthrough of the game he starred in to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Sadly, Luke's efforts to reach out to the GTA community have resulted in a lot of trouble for the actor, most notably when he got swatted while streaming the game towards the end of last month. Luke was playing GTA Online when he answered a phone call, stood up from his seat, and explained to his viewers that he'd been swatted, noting that "now these a**holes have swatted my house".

Although Luke was understandably annoyed about the incident, it wasn't enough to stop him from continuing his livestreams of GTA 5, which he has kept up with in the following weeks. It seems that some people on the internet aren't happy with Luke just having a good time with his fanbase, as the actor has just been swatted again during his most recent livestream.

As shown by Twitter user _Dyllie_, the second swatting happened when Luke was streaming his playthrough of GTA 5's main story. In the clip shared above, Luke can be seen stopping his car in GTA to answer his phone while saying "Let's see what's going on". Luke then calmly answered the phone and said he's going to take a look at what's happening, before informing his viewers that he had been swatted again.

"Hey guys, I'm getting swatted isn't that great. I'll be right back guys. Well that was fun. Nice try, it didn't work. Just another day in the neighbourhood".

Luke then left the room to sort the situation out, before coming back and revealing that the attempt "didn't work", before shrugging it off as "another day in the neighbourhood". It's not clear what didn't work about the swatting attempt, but it's good to see Luke handling it so calmly and not having a difficult time while just trying to enjoy a game with his viewers.

After a clip of the swatting went viral, Luke had the perfect response to someone who suggested he was just doing it to get views on his YouTube channel, telling them "You’re a fu**ing idiot. Man STFU".

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idiots don't have anything else beer to do fr


Must be horrible experience.


That's crazy and sucks but I mean he's streaming so what does he expect


Struggling to see the funny side. I'm sure there's been incidents where a person got killed a few years back due to swatting.


Federation This is a little funny to me I love this guy though people like to prank famous streamers all the time lol

so it's hilarious to have armed men show up to your house under the presumption that you're a murderer and ready to kill you? The tax money spent on that is hilarious too?


This is a little funny to me I love this guy though people like to prank famous streamers all the time lol