GTA Modders Are Remaking Vice City Using GTA 4's Engine

A talented group of GTA modders called Revolution Team are remaking Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as the "Nextgen Edition" using the RAGE engine that powered GTA 4.

With the GTA 6 reveal trailer having finally been shared earlier this month after years of hype and build-up, it's no surprise that Vice City is once again on everyone's mind. Although most of us are just sitting tight and waiting for 2025 to roll around, one group of GTA modders has decided to bring the city back in a big way.

That group of modders is Team Revolution, who announced earlier this week that it's working on a mod that remakes GTA: Vice City using Grand Theft Auto 4's RAGE Engine. That essentially means taking the map, missions, cutscenes, weapons, and more from Vice City and making it all play like GTA 4 does, including its use of Euphoria physics.

Team Revolution shared a trailer for the project, titled GTA Vice City: Nextgen Edition, over on its YouTube page and, while the graphics might look similar to how they did in the original game, it's how it seems to play that will be the difference. As can be spotted in the trailer and in a separate bit of gameplay footage that was streamed, the remake basically looks like a reskinned version of GTA 4 that's set in Vice City, which is absolutely a compliment.

Alongside revealing the project, Team Revolution shared a description of it that calls it a "complete transfer of all missions from the original game" that is "based on the RAGE game engine from GTA 4". The team also said that it features the improved version of Vice City from the Definitive Edition, alongside the cars, pedestrians, and character models from the Xbox version of the game. It'll also have all of the original radio stations and cut scenes from the original version of Vice City.

As interesting as the project looks, it might be worth holding back on getting too excited for it. While it's in a good enough state that gameplay has been shared of it, Take-Two is notoriously harsh with Cease and Desisting fan projects like this - just take a look at all of the mods and remakes that have been cancelled in the past few years. Let's hope that the same fate doesn't befall this return to Vice City.

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big respect to the modders fr


One of my favorite GTA's, thanks to all the modders who do this.


Mission are playable btw


GTA 4 is still one of the best and maybe even the best one for the story mode still so far