Escape From Tarkov Players Are Going Wild Over Snow

It's been a big few days for Escape From Tarkov fans, as developer Battlestate Games has pushed out the game's latest wipe, which essentially resets the servers and puts all players back to square one. Battlestate has used this wipe to implement Patch 0.14, which has added a new map, a new boss, and various other bits of loot. However, there's only one addition that players are talking about right now.

Before this week, the idea of snow raining down from above in a match of Tarkov was just a dream for many players, but Battlestate seems to have snuck in dynamic weather changes with the latest patch. Every now and again, you'll be surrounded by a storm in Escape From Tarkov, which will blanket the nearby surroundings with a thick sheet of snow.

The addition of snow came as quite a surprise to Escape From Tarkov players, mostly because it wasn't listed as a change in the notes for Patch 0.14. You'll find countless videos on social media of streamers noticing the snow during their matches and losing it, excited that such a heavily-requested feature has been added so unexpectedly.

It looks a little silly from an outside perspective that people are getting so excited over snow, but it adds quite a lot to a game like Escape From Tarkov, which is much more of a simulation shooter than your standard FPS. A lot of the reactions are people simply bamboozled that it's snowing at all, while others are pointing out the incredible detail of the snow accumulating, sticking to weapons, and crunching underfoot.

Unfortunately, not all the new additions are as well-received as the snow, as many players are experiencing issues with the new map, Ground Zero. Not only are players complaining about the dodgy spawn points and almost invisible landmines, but the map is also supposed to be a way for new players to ease themselves into Tarkov for the first time.

However, it's proven anything but, as many are saying that Ground Zero is the most brutal PvP location in Escape from Tarkov at the moment. That's mostly down to players needing to go there for their opening tasks, so the issue will drastically subside over the coming weeks, but you may want to wait a few days if this new wipe has convinced you to either jump into Tarkov for the first time or return after a year or two away.

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nothing beats snow in a game fr


Snow is always a fun addition to a game specially when it's only certain updates or on the holiday