Starfield Player Discovers Strategy To Take Out High-Level Enemies

If you're not properly equipped, taking out high-level enemies in Starfield can be a daunting task. But one player seems to have discovered the perfect combination of weapon and power to take out incredibly high-level enemies without even breaking a sweat.

In a recent post on the Starfield subreddit, user Luckygecko1 showed off an incredibly impressive clip that sees them taking out a full squad of enemies without taking a single bit of damage, mainly thanks to the Gravity Well power. The Gravity Well power, which can be obtained by completing the Temple Delta puzzle, creates an area of dense gravity that sucks in and crushes everything around it. Thus, making light work of enemies.

After locating an abandoned hangar on a high-level planet (the user did not disclose exactly which planet this clip took place on), the player was promptly greeted by a full squad of pirates. The player then patiently waits for the ship to land before immediately using the Gravity Well power to incapacitate all of the enemies on board. As they hilariously ragdoll in the air, the player unloads on the level 75 enemies, killing them all before they have a chance to escape from the grasp of the Gravity Well power.

When a Crimson Fleet rapid assault squad meets a Starborn.
byu/Luckygecko1 inStarfield

Fellow Starfield players were quick to point out that the user should have waited for the enemies to unload from the ship before employing their sneaky tactic, as the ship immediately departs the area once all of the enemies are deceased, meaning the player can't loot any of their bodies to reap the rewards. But, in response, the user said that they were "sending a message" and had no intention of killing the enemies for their loot.

Send a message they did! Equipped with the Gravity Well power and an overpowered sniper rifle, the user managed to take out 4 level 75 pirates in a matter of seconds. So, if you haven't unlocked the Gravity Well power already, we recommend doing so if you want to take advantage of its incredibly overpowered effects.

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LMAO they didn't stand a chance

well done to the player for discovering this handy tactic


The game made good money but still think overall it is overhyped up