PS5 and PS4 Game to Be Completely Removed for Sale Prior to 2024

A retro game collection that is currently available to purchase on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 is going to be completely removed from sale before 2024 kicks off. From time to time, various publishers end up removing games from digital marketplaces for reasons that involve licensing agreements. Now, another situation of this type has popped up and will see a pair of classic games going after in mere days.

Announced on social media by Limited Run Games CEO Josh Fairhurst, Bill & Ted's Excellent Retro Collection is about to be taken off of the PlayStation Store. This bundle contains both the NES game Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure and the Game Boy follow-up Bill & Ted's Excellent Portable Adventure. Fairhurst noted that the IP license for this collection is expiring, which is what is leading to its removal not only on the PS Store, but also the Nintendo eShop and Xbox Marketplace. Specifically, Bill & Ted's Excellent Retro Collection will no longer be for sale once 2023 comes to a close.

The silver lining with this situation is that 2023 isn't over just yet, which means you have a couple of days left to buy Bill & Ted's Excellent Retro Collection before it's gone. Assuming that you do decide to throw down the $10 needed in order to purchase this game, you'll then be able to play it and re-download it in perpetuity once it's removed.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Retro Collection

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tbh, I never knew it existed for the PS4/5


It won't be missed lol if it wasn't for the post I wouldn't have even known lol