Cod Players are Growing Frustrated with the Game's Newest Skins

Call of Duty players voiced their concerns over skins that were recently added to the game. Call of Duty is charging full price for cosmetics that some would argue aren't worthy of such a value.

In keeping with a series tradition over recent years, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Season 1 update came with a plethora of skins for battle pass owners to unlock. While these skins are earnable by simply playing the game for those who purchase the battle pass, Call of Duty also offers a wide selection of buyable skins in its Store section. Historically, skins that are a part of the Store's premium bundles are often visually interesting or unique, helping to tempt players towards forking over the hefty 2400 COD Points (about $24) in exchange for the cosmetic bundles. However, a new bundle recently added to Call of Duty's Store page has led players to express their frustrations over the game's newest cosmetics.

On December 28, Call of Duty added the Null & Void bundle to its Store. This bundle is priced at 2400 COD Points and features two skins, two blueprints, a calling card, a decal, and an emblem. Players quickly realized that the two skins in this bundle are simply recolored versions of previously released characters. This realization, along with the blueprints' lack of tracer features, which are often included with bundles priced at 2400 COD Points, led players to become concerned with Call of Duty's newest approach to premium bundles. Call of Duty fans took to the popular Modern Warfare 3 subreddit to voice their concerns.

Some fans commented that players should simply not purchase this new bundle to show their frustration. While it's possible that this bundle is a test to see if future cosmetic packs with similar offerings can be sold at this price point, it's also possible that Activision has reason to believe that this bundle will still sell well, regardless of it seeming unsatisfactory to most players. It's still unclear if Call of Duty will continue with this approach to premium cosmetic bundles. In contrast to this new bundle, Call of Duty recently released two Dune-themed bundles that featured two unique skins, new finishing moves, and blueprints with tracer features at the same price of 2400 COD Points.

This isn't the only skin controversy in recent Call of Duty history. Call of Duty's Gaia skin, which was locked behind a battle pass paywall, sparked outrage among the game's community for being unfair and nearly invisible in certain scenarios. The skin has since been removed from the game so that it can be fixed.

Recently, Call of Duty players noticed a comical and somewhat unsettling bug on the new Bad Biker skin. This visual glitch caused the skin's eyes to be visible through its blacked-out visor

2400 CP for Recolour
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the game and it's content are such a waste of money


They need to do a step brothers skin ! I seen the meme concept of it recently