Slitterhead Developers Confirm 2024 Will Be "An Important Year"

Bokeh Game Studio, which was formed by legendary Silent Hill and Gravity Rush creator Keiichiro Toyama, announced its first game back at The Game Awards in 2021. Slitterhead will be a return to the horror genre for Toyama and his team, an exciting prospect for fans of his early work in the genre. However, we haven't seen much from Slitterhead since 2021 outside of a few early gameplay teases. It looks like that's all about to change as we head into 2024, as Toyama confirmed in a recent interview that next year is going to "be an important" one for Slitterhead.

The news comes via an interview Toyama did with (thanks to Gematsu for the translation) and its annual series asking Japanese devs about their ambitions for 2024. The interview series asked 176 different creators what they'd be getting up to next year, and Toyama's answer focused squarely on Slitterhead. As alluded to above, it's an exciting answer for fans looking forward to Bokeh's first game.

Toyama said, "2024 will be a decisive year in which our studio's first title Slitterhead will really begin being shown. Given that it will significantly influence our future, it will be an important year, so I would like to face it with enthusiasm."

Of course, Toyama wasn't the only Bokeh Game Studio interviewed, as Kazunobu Sato, who previously worked with Toyama on the Siren series, also chimed in, saying, "Bokeh Game Studio continues its hard work on the development of Slitterhead. I think next year will be a special year for the project."

Unfortunately, those interview answers don't sound like Slitterhead will be released next year, but it's certainly still possible. That said, it is clear that the team has big plans to show off the game in much more detail at some point in 2024. If Bokeh starts to drop new trailers early in the year, it's not impossible to imagine them having the game out in time for the October spooky season, though a push to 2025 wouldn't be too surprising, especially as the studio tries to set itself up for success with its first title. Either way, we'll definitely be hearing more about Slitterhead in the coming months.

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certainly will be a game I'll be grabbing fr


We need a good creepy and dark twisted horror game


Looks pretty dam good! Will be getting this for sure


Excited to see what this game has to offer.