Fortnite Leak Reveals New Rocket Racing Game Mode

Fortnite's Rocket Racing might be receiving a new mode called Death Race in the near future. This mode puts a new spin on Rocket Racing's traditional racing format.

Fortnite's Rocket Racing sees players race around tracks in a format that's pretty traditional to the racing genre. Similar to other games, effectively using boosts is a core skill needed for good lap times. Avoiding walls, obstacles, and other things that might slow down a racer are crucial as well. While this is already an important part of Rocket Racing, it looks like the game's developers have plans for a much more obstacle-focused approach with this recently leaked mode.

Fortnite dataminer BeastFNCreative revealed that Rocket Racing will likely receive a mode called Death Race sometime in the near future. This mode will feature its own maps, which seem to be much more difficult to complete than the regular ones. Death Race implements various objects, like spikes, throughout the track that the player must avoid to survive. The dataminer posted a video showing a work-in-progress version of one of Death Race's tracks, and the map is lined with lethal spikes, almost from beginning to end. BeastFNCreative speculated that this track was an early version of a Death Race level, so players might see a significantly different design once Death Race is officially released. Since this is a leak, no release date has been confirmed for the new mode, but it's possible that it could debut with Rocket Racing's first major update, which was previously confirmed for early next year.

Following Rocket Racing's reveal at The Game Awards, its development team confirmed that the racing game will receive its Season 1 update sometime in early 2024. During this time frame, Rocket Racing will also receive speed run leaderboards, additional customization options, and creator-made tracks. If the new Death Race mode is ready for release, this seems like a possible window for the development team to unveil the new format. Rocket Racing is only one of Fortnite's successful new modes, as the game's enduring popularity seems to not be dying down anytime soon.

LEGO Fortnite, meanwhile, has been even more successful than Rocket Racing. LEGO Fortnite's player count managed to overtake Fortnite Battle Royale for a short time. While some worried that Fortnite would stretch itself too thin with these new additions to the core game, it seems to have paid off. At the time of writing, nearly 100,000 players are split between Rocket Racing's ranked and unranked modes, with LEGO Fortnite boasting over 250,000 concurrent players. Thanks to this success, Fortnite may have plans for even more additions to the base game's experience.

Some fans have already begun to daydream about what Fortnite could add in the future. There are still plenty of untapped genres, such as a sports game, a fighting game, or even a survival-horror game. Thanks to Fortnite's massive pool of resources and established success over the years, fans have good reason to hope for more interesting updates to their favorite game.

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it will be fun for those who like this type of thing


Players got soo sweaty on this new mode fast !!


Last time I played fortnite when it was the original, too much now! Most people love it, but it's certainly not for me


I think it's good what Fortnite is doing but it's just not for me. I prefer if they went back to OG.