GTA 6 Trailer Faithfully Recreated by Fans in GTA 5

The record-breaking trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has been impressively recreated within Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games is known for making not only some of the best games, but also some of the best trailers. The games themselves have incredible graphical fidelity and are made with such a high level of detail that it's hard not to be entranced and excited by a new look at a Rockstar title. The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI was one of the most anticipated trailers in history that even the mere mention of a trailer set the internet ablaze. When the full thing finally came out, it racked up tens of millions of views within hours.

The trailer is pretty much burnt into everyone's skull now as fans broke it down frame by frame, looking for any new hint as to what to expect from GTA 6 in the trailer. There was actually quite a lot to take away from the trailer including story details and general ideas about the map, but we're still chomping at the bit for more. Rockstar Games likely won't have a new trailer until the summer at the very earliest, but even then, we wouldn't recommend holding your breath for that long. Just weeks after the trailer released, YouTuber RavenwestR1 uploaded a faithful and impressive recreated the trailer for GTA 6 within Grand Theft Auto V. While it's not exactly one to one given the limitations of the 2013 game, even with mods, compared to the Rockstar's incredibly advanced 2025 game, it's pretty damn close. Some of the animations such as the woman riding on the roof of a car down the freeway, Lucia turning her head around in the car, and Lucia and her boyfriend laying in bed together are some of the most impressive things you will see faithfully remade for this trailer.

Grand Theft Auto VI won't release until 2025, unfortunately. Rockstar Games hasn't told us the exact release date for the game yet, so it could come at any point during that year. It's heavily expected to release around spring 2025 due to financial earning projections from Rockstar Games owner Take-Two Interactive, but given the developer didn't put an exact window on the game's release, we wouldn't consider that a guarantee. Rockstar may be playing it safe and trying to give itself some wiggle room in case it has to delay it until the fall.

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they seriously recreated it in a better way


Great work, but the difference in graphics is crazy!


Man people do amazing jobs with stuff like these !


Very good job haha, I bet it took quite a lot of effort.