Baldur's Gate 3 Xbox Save Issues Still Being Investigated

Despite being available on the Xbox Series X/S since early December, save issues impacting Baldur's Gate 3 on the consoles are still being investigated. A recent Xbox update supposedly fixed Baldur's Gate 3 save issues, but players are still reportedly losing save files even after the patch. With any game, the loss of progress can be disheartening, but this is especially true for a more than 75-hour adventure that takes player choice and random chance into account.

Outside of save issues, it has been an outstanding year for Baldur's Gate 3. In August, the game became the surprise hit of the year as it received universally rave reviews and topped bestseller lists. The ground-breaking PC RPG then moved to PS5 where it continued to enjoy overwhelming success. Baldur's Gate 3 went on to virtually sweep The Game Awards, and Larian Studios surprisingly shadow dropped the Game of the Year winner on Xbox Series X/S. The announcement was, of course, met with a lot of excitement, but reactions from some players have since cooled as persistent save issues have continued to plague the port.

Director of Publishing for Larian Studios, Michael Douse, has taken to social media to respond to fans' concerns about deleted save files in Baldur's Gate 3. According to Douse, the issue is a firmware one on the Xbox side of things, which Microsoft engineers are currently investigating. Unfortunately, with people taking off for the holidays, finding a solution might take a while. However, Douse assures fans that the team is taking the issue "very seriously."

Douse goes on to state that the issue could not initially be reproduced, leading the team to believe it had been fixed. After receiving feedback from the community, however, it became apparent that save issues were still plaguing Xbox players. Douse calls the issue a "complicated one," but states that he sees daily movement concerning the frustrating bug.

After waiting for months to play one of the best games of 2023, many Xbox gamers are undoubtedly disappointed by the reports of deleted save files. The holidays are a popular time for players to catch up on their respective gaming backlogs, and many likely want to jump into one of the year's deepest RPGs.

Baldur's Gate 3 moved back atop Steam's sales charts months after release as new audiences have continued to find the game thanks to awards headlines and positive word of mouth. Even moving into 2024, Baldur's Gate 3 will likely remain a popular title as it sees more discounts and hopefully additional content in the future.

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thought they wouldve tested out even the game save aspects before actually getting it released for their console ffs


It finally released on Xbox and has these issues lol


that's great for xbox LOL