Tekken 8 Trailer Shows Off Kuma and New Gameplay

On November 12, developer Bandai Namco officially announced the final character for Tekken 8's roster with Reina, a brand-new character for the series. Now that the day-one roster has been locked in, the developers have started to release new trailers for all of the previous characters to show off some of their new moves. The latest of these Tekken 8 trailers features Kuma, everyone's favorite fighting bear. As you can see in the trailer below, Kuma is ready to "snap you like a twig" when Tekken 8 finally launches next year.

The trailer starts out innocently enough. We see Kuma doing his thing in normal combat, using both his hard head and trademark salmon to deal damage to his opponents. Things take quite a turn when Kuma goes up against Panda mid-way through the trailer. As he often does, Kuma professes his love for Panda, asking her to marry him. Unfortunately for anyone hoping to see the two get together, Panda slaps Kuma's salmon out of his hands before jumping into battle, confirming that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings.

Kuma's unrequited love will seemingly continue, but fans will be happy to see the big ole bear can still pack a punch. To bring that point home, Kuma's final move of the trailer sees him turning his salmon into a rocket that explodes when it hits Panda to finish the match. What'll be more intriguing for Kuma in Tekken 8 is who he's going to follow. Remember, he was previously serving Heihachi Mishima who, so far, hasn't been announced as a character in Tekken 8. We know that he's working on a secret weapon that will somehow help Heihachi, but otherwise, we'll have to wait until Tekken 8 launches to find out what he's up to.

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will be playing as Kuma fr


Probably my favorite character lol