Warzone Players Divided Over New "Stacking" Meta

Call of Duty: Warzone players are pretty divided over a new meta referred to as "stacking". Call of Duty is one of the most played video game franchises out there. It has existed for 20 years and continues to sustain its popularity thanks to its satisfying gunplay, frequent releases, and the free-to-play battle royale, Warzone. However, with its popularity has come a lot of complaints about the series. Some of these are very valid, some are silly, but when you have millions of people who have all come from totally different eras of CoD and have their own views on what the series should be, you'll get a lot of disagreements.

One of the big new controversies in the Call of Duty community is one that may seem a bit silly. There is a new strategy called "stacking", which is something you'll see in the quads playlist which matches you with a squad of 4. Players who are teamed up are essentially standing as close as possible to each other and not spreading out in order to dominate others, particularly those who are solo or split up from their team. As opposed to one or two people firing at you, it's a barrage of gunfire from 4 people coming from the same exact spot. This makes it incredibly difficult for someone who isn't coordinated with their team to fight back. Some think it's a big problem, some think it's highlighting players who don't play as a team and think it's more of a skill issue for those complaining. Either way, it's not really something that Call of Duty can enforce in any capacity. It can't force players to split up and it's probably not widespread enough to even be worth addressing.

From the recent outrage I’ve seen on twitter.
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Nevertheless, it's causing a lot of discussion and discourse in the Call of Duty community. It's been quite funny to see people bickering with each other over how valid or invalid stacking is. Seems like the best way to combat something like this would to be firing rocket launchers or using explosives to attack those who are stacking, as you'd likely eliminate the entire squad in one swoop. Whether the stacking meta sticks around for more than a few weeks remains to be seen, but it is making for some quality entertainment in the Call of Duty community right now.

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Warzone wad good when it come out it's full of cheaters now


well, if stacking gets the team to win, then I don't see any problem with it


Haven't played WZ in a long time but I would like to get back into rebirth soon


Damn 0 counterplay lmao