World of Warcraft Classic Adding New Reputation Rewards Soon

World of Warcraft Classic is adding new reputation rewards to the supply network factions added in Season of Discovery. This is being done in response to the recent change that made each World of Warcraft class’ unique Rune easier to get via the Azeroth Commerce Authority and the Durotar Supply and Logistics factions.

One of the new major features of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery are Runes, powerful abilities and passives that dramatically change how each class plays. Every class has twelve Runes right now, one of which can be purchased from the Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance players, or Durotar Supply and Logistics for Horde, after a certain reputation threshold is met. Recently, World of Warcraft reduced the reputation requirement for buying these Runes from Honored to Friendly, making it much easier.

While this change was popular, some pointed out the World of Warcraft Classic Runes were one of the biggest rewards available for reaching Honored with these factions, and that there was little reason to grind past Friendly now. World of Warcraft Classic senior game producer Josh Greenfield, better known as Aggrend, responded when WoW fan Zendorx brought this concern to him on Twitter, confirming the developers were planning on adding “some interesting things to Honored soon,” but that its first priority was making the Runes easier to get.

There has been no update on what these mysterious new rewards might be, but Aggrend’s confirmation came shortly before the development team began their holiday break. At the time, World of Warcraft Classic was focusing on class balancing and bug fixes so the game would be good for a few weeks while the team was away. Fans can expect to hear more about these new rewards some time after the new year.

Players are looking forward to seeing what World of Warcraft Classic adds as reputation rewards. While a 12-slot bag is great for everyone, the recipes are only useful for certain professions and classes in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. New items will make grinding these reputation factions more rewarding, and will satisfy fans who already hit Honored before these changes.

Next year is gearing up to be a big one for World of Warcraft Classic. Cataclysm Classic is coming to the progression servers, and Season of Discovery has four separate updates planned, so fans of the retro World of Warcraft servers will have plenty to do in 2024.

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the rep rewards will come in handy fr


sweet ! one day I will finally play WoW and I already know I will love it lol