Sony’s Still Campaigning Against Activision Deal, Microsoft Complains

Sony and Microsoft are apparently still at loggerheads over the latter’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. According to Microsoft, despite inking a 10-year deal for Call of Duty, Sony’s still actively campaigning against the acquisition. This revelation comes via a filing made with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who is continuing to challenge the acqusition itself.

Microsoft challenges Sony’s claims against Activision Blizzard deal
In the aforementioned filing spotted by TechRaptor, Microsoft expresses its dismay and surprise at Sony’s ongoing campaign against Activision’s purchase, and argues that it has the right to demand that Sony produce certain documents to back up its claims. Microsoft further complains that Sony produced a “cherry-picked” document in response to an FTC subpoena.

“SIE inked a 10-year licensing deal with Microsoft for Call of Duty (“Microsoft-Sony Agreement”) that guarantees SIE better terms than it had with Activision,” Microsoft states. “One would think that would have marked the end of SIE’s campaign against the

Microsoft-Activision deal. It did not.”

Microsoft then states that it’s “entitled to take discovery to test SIE’s assertions and seeks a narrow, targeted production of documents from SIE related to the Microsoft-Sony Agreement,” adding that Sony hasn’t comitted to producing a single document in response to its subpoena.

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Sounds like Sony is a little child that doesn't know how to share the market!


They shoulda just bought them first if they still wanna whine about it lmfao. But wasn't complaining when cod had ps exclusives for how long now?


Sony has nothing better else to do. Only fight over competition. They been doing for as long as I been alive. Grow up and move the f on. No one cares


they're wasting too much time complaining about this

COD will not be as great as it used to be fr ffs


Not going to stop anything so idk why and they've said it won't be exclusive anyways lol