Gears of War 6 News Potentially Teased for 2024

It looks like news regarding the next entry in the Gears of War series, dubbed Gears of War 6 by fans for the time being, seems to have been teased. In recent years, studio The Coalition has been laying low as it continues to work on its next game after Gears 5. Although it's not known for certain, a sequel to Gears 5 is widely assumed to be the next project that the developer will release. Now, one key member at the company has indicated that this is very much the case and could have more to share on Gears 6 soon enough.

In a recent post on X (or Twitter), The Coalition level designer Benjamin Huyghe indicated that 2024 could be a year in which news related to the future of the Gears of War series will drop. Huyghe didn't say anything definitive or specific on the matter, but told fans that he'd see them in 2024 while adding a Gears of War related hashtag to his message. With this in mind, many Gears players inferred that Huyghe was hinting at news of some sort arriving in 2024 that will be related to Gears of War 6.

As mentioned, The Coalition itself has been quite dodgy over the past couple of years when it comes to what it is working on. Currently, the studio has confirmed that its next game will be created within Unreal Engine 5, which isn't much of a surprise given the developer's expertise with the engine. Previous reports have also indicated that The Coalition was at one point working on a new non-Gears-related property as a way of getting its feet wet with Unreal 5. However, this no longer is said to be the case as the studio is instead said to be focusing all of its efforts now on a new Gears of War game.

Given that Gears of War 6 hasn't been formally revealed, it's still hard to know when the next game in the acclaimed Xbox series will come about. What can be assumed with certainty, though, is that whenever it does launch, it will be available across Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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no, seriously, no more ffs


This will Bomb soo bad lol gears turned to garbage after the third game