Starfield Player Discovers More "Immersive" Cutscene When Taking Off

Starfield's constant loading screens and cutscenes have been a controversial topic ever since the game was released in September. Now, over 3 months since its release, one player has come across an unused cutscene that appears to be drastically more immersive than the ones currently used in-game.

Reddit user questionthis recently took to the Starfield subreddit to share their discovery, stating, "Immersive takeoff and landing animations are doable and built into the vanilla game." It's not clear exactly how the user discovered this cutscene, but the likely option is that they went digging through the in-game files and found the cutscene sitting around unused.

In the clip, which you can see in the post below, the player can be seen taking command of their ship before setting off into space. However, unlike the usual cutscene that shows a static camera on the ground, this one follows the ship into the sky before the dreaded loading screen appears.

Others were quick to point out that this could be made even better if the loading screen that occurs as you leave the planet's atmosphere was also a cutscene.

Immersive takeoff and landing animations are doable and built into the vanilla game. We have the technology.
byu/questionthis inStarfield

Coincidentally, another Reddit user by the name of Loose_Respond_6855 also recently showed a more interesting and immersive view when taking off. This time, instead of any cutscene at all, the player is free to walk around the ship as it takes off. Standing by the window of the ship, the user shows the planet draw further and further away as they approach space. There's then a brief loading screen before the player's ship enters space, still free roaming around the ship.

Will Starfield Ever Be "More Immersive"?
Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Starfield ruins its immersion with loading screens, repetitive cutscenes, and boring traversal. However, if you're a PC player, there are a plethora of different mods that can make some pretty major improvements. Ship Skip, for example, is a popular Starfield mod that removes the docking, taking off, and landing cutscenes. It can be downloaded over at NexusMods if you want to give it a whirl.

But what about the vanilla game, will Bethesda ever improve the Starfield's poor immersion aspect? Well, in a recent end-of-year update, the studio did reveal its plans for 2024. With new updates planned for every six weeks in 2024, Bethesda plans to implement new quality-of-life improvements and content.

In terms of immersion, Bethesda says that "new ways to travel" will be included in a future update. This could simply be a new vehicle to use on the ground, but some players are speculating that it could mean new features such as autopilot and changes to interplanetary travel. For now, we'll have to wait and see. You can read more on Starfield's end-of-year update on the official Bethesda website.

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