Rockstar Leak Reportedly Mentions Cancelled Games

Further evidence that Bully 2, a sequel to the classic Rockstar game, was once in development has been shared online. This comes from the latest Rockstar leak, which has shared even more data stolen in the hack from last year.

Images from the supposed leak are circulating on social media, and include references to games that have been rumoured or even confirmed to have been in development at some point in time. Most notably, Bully 2 and Agent are included in the leak, the latter is said to include in-game assets.

Bully 2 isn't a surprising inclusion, as it had popped up in previous leaks as recently as last month. Before then, there had been talk of the sequel being in development in the late '00s before being scraped. However, those who say they've seen the leaked material say that it includes concept art from 2017, suggesting the sequel was considered once more, or stayed in development for years before being abandoned.

As for Agent, we at least know this one existed at some point. The first instalment in what was meant to be a new Rockstar series was announced all the way back in 2009, but we never heard much about it. The game was never officially cancelled, but Rockstar stopped bothering to renew the trademark in 2018, suggesting it's been shelved.

Again, those who say they've gone through the data say they've found proof of Agent's existence, including character models and level renders. If legitimate, it's not clear why the game was abandoned despite having so much work put into it.

There are also claims amongst fans that the leak confirms that GTA: Tokyo existed, after an anonymous source spoke about the project in 2016. This, however, is less likely to be true, since the screenshot being shared around simply shows some files listed as "Tokyo", not specifically GTA-related. These are also labelled as PS2 files, which means they could instead relate to the Midnight Club series, which took players to Tokyo and had releases on the Sony console.

This leak doesn't just pertain to cancelled games. As we reported earlier today, it may have also revealed eight cancelled GTA 5 DLCs. At least three of these seem to have been full-story expansions, with one even seemingly taking us back to Liberty City.

Most concerningly, the leak is also said to contain the private information of Rockstar employees, much like the Insomniac hack last week. Rockstar is yet to comment on this development, although the holiday season might delay the response.

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