GTA 6 Fans Think They've Figured Out Lucia's Actor

Some Grand Theft Auto 6 fans have a theory that the actor playing Lucia is Manni L. Perez. GTA 6 fans have been coming up with all kinds of theories about the game by analyzing the trailer, and this is one of the latest ones.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most eagerly awaited games in the world. Soon after its release, the GTA 6 trailer became the most-watched game reveal ever, with over 150 million views in less than a month.

Now, some Grand Theft Auto 6 fans have come up with a new theory about the game. A Rockstar-focused Twitter user called Dyllie put forth the theory that Manni L. Perez, a New York-based actor who has a strong physical resemblance to Lucia, could be her actor. The user shared some clips of the actress, claiming her voice is pretty similar to the one that can be heard in the trailer. Previously, Perez appeared in TV shows like Law and Order and Jessica Jones, and also did some voice work for a minor character in GTA 5.

There are many theories about Lucia popping up in the last three weeks, including one that Lucia’s story may be told in reverse in the GTA 6 trailer. According to some fans, instead of getting out of jail and then meeting her co-protagonist and falling in love, Lucia could have been with him from the start, and then she was arrested. This would explain why she appears with the ankle monitor in the game’s key art, but not in some parts of the trailer. In this context, having the ankle monitor during gameplay could be a useful gimmick to restrict the player’s movement in the world when the game begins.

Another theory that has become popular in the last few days is regarding GTA 6’s official art. Fans believe that they have found GTA 6’s map hiding in the art. None of these theories have been confirmed at the time of this writing, so gamers should wait for official confirmation from Rockstar. Considering that GTA 6 won't be out in 2025, that may take some time.

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seems lile the devs have used her likeness and got someone who can do her voice


I think it's really dope we're getting a female protagonist finally.