Rumor: GTA 5 Source Code and Other Rockstar Files Leak Online

In an unexpected and significant development, rumors have emerged suggesting that the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5, along with a vast array of other confidential materials from Rockstar Games, have been leaked online. This incident comes after initial reports last year hinted at a partial leak of GTA 5's source code.

Rockstar Games has faced a tumultuous year, grappling with a series of security breaches that have marred its operations. Last year, the company was rocked by a network intrusion, leading to the unauthorized release of nearly an hour's worth of gameplay from the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. The situation worsened recently when plans for a grand trailer reveal were upended by another leak which forced the developers to officially release the trailer early. Now, it appears that Rockstar Games is confronting an even more daunting challenge with this latest leak.

A recent tweet from GTA Focal reveals the GTA 5 source code has been leaked online, following its earlier exchange between individuals. It has been reported that today's leak involved a 4GB file predominantly comprising code, yet a complete version encompassing the entire source has not been observed. This extensive source file, which includes assets and 3D models, would likely enable the construction and execution of the game. Given the substantial size of the full source, which is rumored to be around 200GB, its leakage appears to be less straightforward.

Despite the original link being removed, the source code has already begun circulating widely across various social media platforms. Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive is reportedly actively working to remove online links to the Grand Theft Auto 5 source code. Despite these efforts, there are emerging reports of hackers deliberating over the potential release of this extensive 200GB source file. This incident is believed to stem from the same security breach that occurred last year, with the key difference being that the files have only now been made public.

The situation worsens with the revelation that the leak not only involves GTA 5 but also encompasses files from the long-awaited, yet unrealized, Bully 2, and portions of code from GTA 6. Additionally, the leak exposes several unreleased DLCs, including the GTA 5 Trevor expansion which was highlighted in previous leaks as well. Also unearthed is a map from a project known as "Agent," a canceled endeavor rumored to draw inspiration from the James Bond franchise.

The implications of this leak are particularly severe, as it opens up the possibility for hackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities within the source code, potentially enabling them to execute code remotely on players' systems. This raises significant safety concerns for GTA Online, as the game could rapidly become a high-risk environment for players. Additionally, fans have noted that the timing coincides with the holiday season, a period when many developers are likely on vacation, potentially exacerbating the situation for both Rockstar Games and its development team.

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more leaks to come I guess

it seriously never ends ffs


Oh man that isn't good gta been having to many leaks and what not