Starfield's Steam Rating Has Gotten Even Worse

Starfield no longer has a Mixed rating on Steam, as its recent reviews left by players are Mostly Negative, where only 37% are satisfied with the game. While Starfield enjoyed a successful launch in September 2023, the latest Bethesda title has slowly sunk in popularity. Coming from Skyrim and Fallout 4, many Bethesda fans seem disappointed in Starfield.

Though Bethesda should be commended for attempting to make something different, it would appear that a majority of players are dissatisfied with the direction taken. Starfield's singular focus on procedural generation arguably deprived it of the "magic" that drew fans to Bethesda games in the first place, and some players have claimed that it felt more like a theme park of empty worlds and static cities connected via loading screens than the immersive sandbox experience that older Bethesda titles so effortlessly channeled.

As a result, Starfield currently boasts a 37% rating on Steam, gathered from user reviews made by its players in the past 30 days. While an ambitious road map for Starfield was shared by Bethesda, it did little to improve the current public opinion of the game. The resurgence of Cyberpunk 2077, as well as the colossal acclaim that Baldur's Gate 3 received, have arguably been the worst thing that could have happened to Starfield. Many of its dissatisfied players have weighed and measured it against the other two titles, which has only served to further highlight Starfield's most glaring flaws as a role-playing game.

While Emil Pagliarulo responded to Starfield's criticism on Twitter, claiming that the game took a lot of hard work, and accusing disgruntled players of being disconnected from the reality of game development, the statement only further drove a wedge between Bethesda and the community.

With Skyrim having more players than Starfield, it's clear that the game doesn't quite have the appeal that Bethesda may have been hoping for. However, that doesn't mean that this will always be the case. Bethesda hasn't abandoned Starfield just yet, as around 250 employees are still working on the game, and will be releasing regular updates in 2024.

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the shit is hitting many fans now lmao


Good. Show the truth. The game sucks fr and is over hyped up