Warzone Players Calling for MW2 Guns to Be Removed Entirely

Call of Duty: Warzone players are expressing their dissatisfaction regarding the current state of weapon distribution in the game, particularly criticizing the inclusion of Modern Warfare 2 guns. This has ignited a heated debate within the community, with a substantial group of players calling for the complete removal of these weapons from the Call of Duty: Warzone loot pool.

The release of the Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 update marked a new era in the franchise with its intrinsic integration with Warzone. To ensure that players don't lose out on their progress due to the change, the developers allowed for the seamless transfer of blueprints, weaponry, cosmetic content, bundles, and Operators, along with other rewards and unlocks to MW3 through the "carry forward" feature. However, with the arrival of MW3 weapons in Warzone, the meta has drastically changed.

A Reddit post by user Henry_Sabondo has sparked a fresh debate in the Warzone community as they express disappointment with the inclusion of MW2 weapons in Warzone. Criticizing these weapons for their high Time to Kill rates, poor visual recoil, and limited mobility, the user also suggests that their continued presence in the game might be a tactic to encourage players to purchase MW3. In addition, it is also emphasized that some of the best weapons in the game are from the MW3 arsenal, rendering the previous generation of weapons virtually redundant in the current meta.

Remove MWII Guns Completely.
byu/Henry_Sabondo inCODWarzone

Many fans align with the sentiment of the post, agreeing that it would be logical for developers to either remove the older MW2 weapons or update them so that they can be worthy rivals to the extremely powerful MW3 loadouts. Some have also expressed disappointment that their favorite weapons are no longer effective after the MW3 integration. It is also added that balancing them could be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor, so shelving them is probably the best bet.

Conversely, a section of the community believes that several MW2 weapons, such as the ISO 9mm, Fennec, and MCPR-300, among others, are viable within the game's current meta. While acknowledging that some of the other weapons are underperforming, they argue that not all need to be removed or drastically altered. Although many corroborate that it is a tactic to make leveling up MW3 weapons harder for players who haven't purchased the game, it is also noted that removing the weapons completely could not be that straightforward as it would also make paid skins redundant, something that players won't be happy about. A potential solution proposed by several players involves removing MW2 weapons from the ground loot while still allowing them to be selected in player loadouts. Whether the developers will adopt these changes, however, remains to be seen.

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should give the option to use them or not


Na cuz we got some good guns from that game ! Or add the real og mw2-mw3 guns to WZ / mw3 !