The Finals Players Want Changes Made to Aim Assist

The aim assist feature in The Finals, a focal point for controversy in competitive shooters, has sparked significant discontent among players. This issue, exacerbated by The Final's cross-platform play feature, is fueling a growing demand for change within the community.

The Finals quickly rose to prominence during its open beta phase a few months ago, attracting a staggering 8 million players. Following its full release earlier this month, The Finals continues to shatter records as it maintains a strong presence in the Steam top 10 charts, affirming its widespread appeal and success. Carving out a distinct niche in the competitive FPS shooter genre is a formidable challenge, yet The Finals has achieved this feat with its innovative approach. The game distinguishes itself through unique game modes and lightning-fast gameplay, setting a new standard in the genre.

In a recent post on The Finals subreddit, Reddit user GOTTA_BE_FR3SH highlighted a critical issue with the game's aim assist. Demonstrating through a video, the user showed that when aiming the crosshair significantly away from a target dummy and then switching to aiming down sights, the reticle snaps directly to the target. To emphasize the point, the user also added a video of them using the controller, ensuring no other controls were involved in the process apart from just using the ADS trigger. The user demonstrates the issue using a SH1900 gun, but as noted by other players, this problem is not exclusive to this weapon, as similar aim assist concerns are present with weapons like the Model 1887 as well.

As a controller player I can say, they may need to tune the Aim Assist just a little. Although this is basically the only gun I use so I'm not sure how strong it is on other weapons.
byu/GOTTA_BE_FR3SH inthefinals

Several cross-platform shooting games like Call of Duty have aim assist as an inherent feature. Yet, players of The Finals are voicing concerns about the disproportionate advantage it gives to controller users. Significantly, this issue was first raised by a controller player, underscoring the severity of the problem. As a result, some players are advocating for input-based matchmaking. However, this solution has its drawbacks, as it restricts players from joining games with friends who use different input devices.

Notably, the issue highlighted by the user involves a player using a controller on a PC, rather than a console. This distinction raises significant concerns, as devices exist that enable players to exploit aim assist with their controllers, a tactic challenging to detect through standard anti-cheating measures. Although many games have begun implementing more rigorous measures to detect cheating at the hardware level, the accuracy of these methods is still not fully reliable. Additionally, this scenario implies that players have no option to avoid competing against others using aim assist, as individuals can easily connect a controller to their PC. With The Finals already suffering from the problem of cheaters, this further amplifies player frustration.

It's also been pointed out that players using a controller experience automatic aim snapping onto opponents utilizing the Cloaking Device, a tool designed to render players invisible. This undermines the fundamental purpose of invisibility-focused Light builds in The Finals, as it effectively negates the advantage. The game's developers have been notably attentive to community input, which will be crucial in resolving the aim assist dilemma. Finding a balanced solution is key, as outright removal of aim assist isn't feasible as it would unfairly impact players using controllers. The challenge lies in modifying this feature to ensure fair and competitive gameplay for all.

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I'm sure they will fix is on an update very soon fr ffs


Aim assist should be nerfed on all games