Marvel's Blade Release Date Is Very Far Away, Says Insider

Marvel's Blade may not release until near the start of the next console generation. Video games are some of the hardest pieces of entertainment to make. Movies, TV, and books are pretty complex too, but video games require the creators to make something that is actively fun to enjoy for tens of hours, if not hundreds or more. They take years to build with hundreds of people working on them and sometimes, they don't even see the light of day after all of that. As technology evolves, player expectations grow, and so on, games have begun to take longer to make. While some developers have offset this by just not announcing their games until they're closer to release, it can result in years of silence and confusion for fans.

At The Game Awards, it was confirmed that Arkane is working on a brand new Blade game. Unfortunately, it was given no release date, no platforms, and virtually no other details beyond it being an original story and a third-person action game. Given the lack of details, fans were left to assume this game is very far away. It was also confirmed that the development just started, with it being believed to have started production in 2022. With that said, insider Jeff Grubb stated that internally, Arkane is targeting 2027 for Marvel's Blade. That's about four years from now and it was speculated that this could mean it may release alongside the next Xbox.

Given Arkane is owned by Microsoft, many are wondering if it will be an Xbox exclusive, but no one has gotten a concrete answer. Other insiders claim Marvel's Blade will be an Xbox exclusive and while there's no reason to really not believe that, it's strange Microsoft is dodging the subject. Is it possible that it's because it's not coming until next generation so they can't say what platforms it will even be on? Possibly! However, Microsoft is making an exclusive Indiana Jones game, PlayStation has the exclusive rights to Spider-Man and Wolverine, and it wouldn't be surprising if there are other big properties coming as exclusives to these platforms in the future.

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there will be new gen's by then fr


At least we get Wolverine soon ! The blade game will be good hopefully so it'll be pleasant wait