Modern Warfare 3 Player Manages to Find PvP Zombies Lobby

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player managed to get into a Zombies lobby that had PvP in it. The Call of Duty series appeals to people for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy tuning in for the short, but typically very explosive blockbuster campaigns that are like an extended movie. Some grind out the multiplayer for months on end, using it as a dopamine fix. And some really like the co-op modes such as Zombies and almost solely play those. There's something for just about everyone in Call of Duty and each mode ensures each game has a variety of distinct content, creating a really valuable package if you want to play all three of them.

This year's Call of Duty game made some drastic changes to Zombies. For years, the mode has been 4 players trying to survive endless rounds of the undead swarming them on a reasonably sized, but contained map. That's the formula that has worked so well and so it benefited Call of Duty not to stray far from it. However, Modern Warfare 3 went bigger with Modern Warfare Zombies and created a giant open world with vehicles, events, and dozens of actual players. However, none of the other players can hurt each other. They can team up and help survive together, but there is no way to actually do harm to other squads in the game. With that said, one player found a lobby where that wasn't the case. Reddit user WilsonatorYT found a Zombies lobby in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 where they were able to attack and kill other players, making it a PvP lobby. Some players have theorized that this is a result of an unreleased mode in Zombies somehow making itself playable and would allow players to fight each other and the undead.

Others think it may be a result of Modern Warfare Zombies sharing so much of the same DNA as Modern Warfare 2's extraction mode, DMZ. The mode is very similar to Modern Warfare Zombies, but didn't feature any zombies and was more about players trying to extract loot while attacking AI and sometimes players. Maybe there's a chance a PVP mode will come to Modern Warfare Zombies, but it's unclear right now. Either way, it certainly presents some interesting opportunities for gameplay if such a mode were to exist.

Somehow ended up in a bugged lobby with PVP turned on
byu/WilsonatorYT inCODZombies

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Of course there is a glitch in COD. What else is new haha.


always seems to be a glitch somewhere with that game ffs


DMZ zombies basically then lol